What’s Your Next Move? It Could Be Right In Front Of Your Face


Have you ever heard the saying “if it was a snake it would have bit you”? Adults use to say that to us kids all the time when we were sent to look for something and we came back and said we couldn’t  find it, then they came and found it right away.

They had that “mom” vision.  I didn’t understand it until I became older. But, I just think maybe they knew where it was because they put it there😂

This week on the show, we talk about making moves and how to get the most of doing it.

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[upbeat musical interlude “Kim I can hear you thinkin”].

Coach Dr. Kim: Last week on the show we talked about 6 indicators of a toxic workplace. I hope that brought some value to you and gave you some tools to reflect on. This week I wanna go just a little bit deeper, but with the different spin I wanna talk about thriving and striving in a workplace and raise a question for you. And the idea for this came when I was thinking about what my next move would be as I go up my career trajectory.

When I was in elementary school, there was a small group of us that were selected to be in the chess club. I have to admit I wasn’t interested in being in the chess club. I didn’t know what it was about other than the game of chess. I was not familiar with the game very much and I thought it was boring. I never really got into it while I was playing the game, but I did enjoy it to some degree.

There was one particular kid that no matter what move you made. They could always get out of it and I found that frustrating. I like to win. I’m very competitive. But they never let it get the best of them. They were able to keep their cool and they figured it out and used it in the future. They use it on someone else. Frustration wouldn’t help their situation. It only hindered their thinking. That’s a good life lesson to learn.

This week as you rest or enjoy or your holiday celebrations. I mean, where I am it is raining, but, you know, a lot of people have their barbecues and cookouts on Labor Day here in the US. Think about where are you putting your energy, your time, and your talent. How are you pursuing your hopes, dreams and goals? And if you aren’t doing that, what’s your next move?

These are not questions that I’m throwing at you because I’m saying, you know, just drop everything, throw caution to the wind. That works for some people. It’s not really something that works for me, and it may not work for you. If you’re a little bit more on the strategy, cautious side, or even if you are throwing caution to the wind, the strategy might still be a good idea.

Start with picking up a pen and draw a line down the middle and on one side write down what do you want. And on the other side, right down ways that you already have it. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, let me explain.

I was talking to a good friend and she was telling me about some things that have happened in her life. Prior to this, she told me about a dream she has for opening up a business, and this business involved helping people in a certain need. At the end of her story, I mentioned that there were some encounters she’d had been having recently. Not everyday, but here and there. Those encounters were allowing her to practice for her future business. And she was floored. She did not even realize that she was learning how to run her business right here in the present. She was kind of overlooking it the whole time. because she was focused on other things and looking toward the future.

So, if you haven’t caught on yet let me tell you what I’m getting at.

No matter what your next move is don’t miss what is in front of you. If you missed the title of the show today its,  “what’s your next move? It could be right in front of your face”.  That subtitle might not be in the title, but “what’s your next move? don’t miss it”, might sound better.

Often there is something to be learned, connections to be made, and bridges to cross before you get to the next shore. When we get too focused on the next, it could be so easy to miss the gems that are right at our fingertips. Not to mention, it can have a negative impact on our mental health because we get frustrated, apathetic, and just lose interest. And what you are doing right now? There can be meaning in the mundane when you look at it through fresh eyes. And like I just said, your next move might be so close it’s looking you right in your face.

And that’s what I’ve been thinking. Peace out.

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